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If missing teeth have interfered with your quality of life… If your dentures slip and wobble… If you need replacement teeth, but you aren’t sure of the best option… consider dental implants.

An innovative solution for replacing missing teeth or securing a partial, denture, or bridge, dental implants anchor to the jawbone for optimal stability. Each implant features a post that replaces a tooth’s root. Our doctors can place one crown on a single implant or a multiple-tooth prosthetic on a few dental implants. The entire procedure is performed in the comfort of our Elizabeth dental office, by the dental professionals you know and trust. Most patients do not need to see a specialist unless prerequisite procedures are required.

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The ideal candidate for dental implants has good oral health and bone density in the jaw. However, patients who need to re-establish a healthy mouth or improve bone density can opt for appropriate procedures that will improve candidacy for dental implants. Dr. Rodríguez-Peña will review your records, discuss the best plan for treatment, and assist you in planning appropriate procedures.

With dental implants, patients report improved oral function, an increased ability to taste foods, and better self-confidence. If you’re ready to savor life again, schedule a dental implant consultation with Dr. Rodríguez-Peña today.

If you live in Union County (Union, Roselle Park, Springfield, Summit), visit our Elizabeth dental office. Schedule your family’s checkups, consultations, or second-opinion dental visits at our Elizabeth office  by calling (908) 355-0300. However, we have lots of patients coming to our office from far away like: Atlantic City; New York City; Upstate NY; Providence, RI; Maryland; Boston, MA and Florida.

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